In this Speaker Insight Blog, we talk to David Barr, Head of Goverance at the Royal Society of Chemistry about his session at DIGITALX2019:

  • What is the Royal Society of Chemistry?

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the Chartered Professional Body for Chemists in the UK. We have over 50,000 members.

  • What is your session about at DIGITALX2019?

I will be talking about the simple and effective digital solutions for the convenience of members so that they can vote in AGMs and in other governance processes. I will be talking about how simple it is to move to a digital solution, how to appreciate that members will like (or learn to like) the convenience and flexibility and how to utilise limited resources more effectively.

  • Why is this a topic of interest to membership professionals?

Getting more of your membership to vote should be something to strive for. Doing it online is better for members and better for organisations, so it’s win-win!

  • Who is your session useful for, who would find it useful?

Anyone who works in governance within a membership organisation.

  • Why did you agree to take part in DIGITALX2019 as a speaker?

I like to share what we are doing with colleagues in related fields.

  • Are you looking forward to attending and what do you hope to get from it?

I am looking forward to networking with membership professionals and learning about others’ successes!