In this latest Digital Excellence 2019 Speaker Insight article we interview Frederic Vaeremans, Chief Data Officer at RPS Group. He will be talking about the key enablers to effective information management.

What does your organisation do?

RPS is a global mid-size consultancy business, focussed on helping customer solve problems that matter to a complex, urbanising, and resource-scarce world in property, energy, water, transport, and government.

What is your session about at Digital Excellence 2019?

My session is about strategic data management. Data is often described as the ‘new oil’. It is clear that over the next 5 to 10 years, the ability for businesses, including membership bodies, to remain relevant and competitive will increasingly depend on their ability to collect, manage, analyse, and drive value from data. My session will touch on some of the key aspects of data management membership professionals need to consider to help drive optimum value from data.

Why is this a topic of interest to membership professionals?

As a membership body, there is a continuous need to be relevant to members and to deliver more and more value for the fees charged. Having strong data management skills will enable membership professionals to help their organisations in building accurate, complete, and rich member data profiles. This will enable the identification and development of new or improved personalised membership propositions, which in turn should increase membership retention and loyalty.  

Who is your session useful for, who would find it useful?

It is mostly aimed at senior non-technical membership professionals who have an interest in data management and are involved in membership research and product/service development.

Why did you agree to take part in Digital Excellence 2019 as a speaker?

I am keen to share some of my experiences and help others be successful in conquering their data challenges.  

Are you looking forward to attending and what do you hope to get from it?

Yes, I am. I am keen to re-acquaint myself with the membership sector and its key challenges and trends, I used to work for the Law Society 5 years ago.  

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